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Graphene-based Triboelectric Energy Generation & BioSuperCapacitors



Long Lasting

Small Size

Longer-Lasting Cardiac Pacemaker

Tribo-electric energy generation and storage to designs smaller, safer and longer-lasting cardiac pacemakers.

Energy Generation for Electric Vehicles

Our Nanogenerator charges EVs on the go.

Nanogenerator Air Purification Systems

Filteration of 0.05 PM using our Nanogenerator filters

Dr. Mosa has 14+ years of experience in academic research and industry creating new energy storage and harvesting devices and their applications in wearable, portable and implantable electronics.

Esraa is a UConn researcher with 4+ years of experience in energy harvesting and storage technologies for implantable biomedical devices and consumer electronics.

Mark is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of Voltxon, CEO of Macroscopic Solutions, Partner at Chain Investment Group, scientific photographer, geologist, cyclist & conservation enthusiast.

Chairman of advisory board

Prof. Rusling is a chemistry professor at the University of Connecticut with +35 years of experience in portable electrochemical biosensors and bioelectronics.